Rolf Schimmer Consulting provides design services and solutions for mining applications and mechanical engineering, such as static and dynamic conveyor pulley design, analysis, evaluation of quotations, and products for end-users or engineers. We can tackle any size project, and we use our knowledge and experience to deliver designs that are based upon your guidelines and preferences and meet your specific needs.

Our engineering design process always starts with you. We first take into consideration your operational goals and technical needs to ensure that our design solutions are in agreement with your specifications. We then begin the design by utilizing our skill and expertise coupled with state-of-the-art software.

At Rolf Schimmer Consulting, our designs are created with the latest version of SolidWorks for component design and SolidWorks Simulation for FEA and DEM modeling. All mechanical components are designed with SolidWorks, and, if required, FEA and 3D modeling can be accomplished. We also have the capability to use files created with the most up-to-date as well as older versions of CAD software programs. We also perform conveyor chute and transfer point design and analysis using conventional methods and DEM. For conveyor designs and analysis, we use the latest versions of Belt Analyst and Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software.

By using Rolf Schimmer, you get to experience the advantages and ease of having one firm arrange all design endeavors while also obtaining results that reflect our decades of experience. We offer the best customer service and support, knowledge, and excellence that you need and desire for your projects.